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The Introducers – Your Partners To Success

A Full Service Sales/Business Development Agency
We, in conjunction with our strategic partners, offer a full range of services from Lead Generation to Strategic Business Management Development ensuring our clients receive structured solutions that provide breakthrough tangible results that positively change their businesses for the future.

Removing the invisible boundaries for improved business success and performance
We believe that the ability to transform your business comes from truly understanding its DNA and Your Requirements/Goals to enable a solution to be delivered that provides your desired long term outcome.

Our Services
We provide services that will improve your company, management, sales teams and relationships with your clients, please see below our current list of services for your consideration and contact us at your complete discretion for further non obligatory information:

Lead Generation/Sales
This is a critical part of any businesses growth and sustainability and we are able to offer seasoned professionals that can perform this function on a freelance consultative basis.

Sales Training
Your sales and marketing teams need to know/learn 5 crucial points when selling your company.

Business Mentoring
Mentoring is about finding someone to offer you direction, guidance and clear vision of how you can progress.

Personal Development
Personal development and one-to-one coaching is about making sure that you are making the most of you and developing your skills.

Management Training
Leadership Programme "Leaders are the architects. Managers are the builders" (John Mariott).

Corporate Glamping
Company offsite events have varying requirements/goals; we work tirelessly to ensure that these can be met in the most sumptuous of surroundings.

Artist Management services
Our Artist Management and Talent agency represents a broad range of individuals in Entertainment and the Arts.

Financial Direction
In any business, no matter how large or small, cash (cash flow) is king and the key factor to success.

Business Strategy
The implementation of a business strategy has two main parts to it - having a strategy in the first place, and secondly, having the discipline to put it into effect. Sounds simple, because it is!

Workforce Risk Assessment
Through deep domain skills and specialist statistical knowledge, we identify tomorrow's people risks today.

Cyber-Crime Prevention
Our mission is to help you stay safe online and reap all the benefits of the Internet.

Business Database Solutions
The key to a modern business is knowledge, both internal and external.

Who Needs a Website Any More?
Your business will always need a good quality, professionally built, responsive website.