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Financial Direction

In any business, no matter how large or small, cash (cash flow) is king and the key factor to success.


It's all very well to manufacture the most intricate piece of machinery or supply customers with the highest quality of consumer goods, but if you are unable to maintain cash flow in servicing your suppliers, paying your work force and servicing any debt repayments you will not remain in business for very long. There are numerous businesses who appear to be, to the outside world, at the top of their game ... however they have lost overall focus on their business and neglect the very reason that they started their own business; to make money.


Credit control procedures, internal communication with sales teams and external communication with clients, clear parameters/understanding with clients detailed in your initial terms of business must be managed and adhered to at all times whilst still maintaining (where possible) good ongoing business relationships. Note you are not in business to finance your clients business, anyone can be a busy fool.


You will be amazed at just how many business owners do not know how well or bad their business is performing, as they simply have no regular access to management information. Profitability in many instances being gaged on how much money is in the company bank account at the end of the month. They are not even able to identify the profitability of each contract they have (i.e.have they made a profit or loss!).

It is imperative that every asset of your business is considered and understood to ensure that your business is thriving, profitable and growing healthily.


If you feel that you would benefit from an impartial and independent review of your business, specifically your credit control function, or simply require guidance in implementing a robust financial strategy, complete this enquiry form or call 07970 407539