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Lead Generation & Sales

This is a critical part of any businesses growth and sustainability and we are able to offer seasoned professionals that can perform this function on a freelance consultative basis foregoing any commitment on your part to full time employment, recruitment and or financial long term risk/overspend.

Our top sales professionals will complement your existing revenue and sales efforts delivering results immediately, without adding undesirable additional fixed costs, ongoing commitments or added business operational risks and in doing so reducing any initial concerns and increasing revenue streams.

It is important that our sales people become a seamless extension of your existing team enhancing their efforts and adding value and support, therefore where possible we prefer to work in your office two days a month enabling us to learn about, and immerse ourselves in your company culture and understand more deeply whilst gaining the priceless knowledge we need to excel in your business and its market place.

Whether you require outsourcing solutions for appointment setting or more senior sales roles, we guarantee that all of our people that work with your business will be trained and fully experienced sales professionals. We always select our most qualified people based on skills, work history and the challenges you currently face in your business so they excel in selling for your company, its products/services.

To provide a full service and ensure a smooth running process we'll handle every facet of your outsourced sales staff, including: coaching, assessment process, hiring, HR matters, payroll and expense management risks ... ensuring that you receive all the benefits without any additional effort.

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