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Who Needs a Website Any More?

5 reasons why your business will always need a good quality, professionally built, responsive, website even in this age of Social Media

Some people seem to think that with social media leading the way in people's daily lives, that you no longer need to invest in a dedicated company website for your business. I mean why should you invest money in a website when you have so many social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest to choose from, absolutely free of charge?

And if you really have to have a website, why not simply go for a free template so that you at least have a presence?

Well, believe it or not, having a good quality responsive company website is truly crucial to your business' success and could give your business a whole new level of customer service and credibility that social media pages and basic template websites simply cannot provide.

Consider what YOUR website can achieve for you:

Your company website should be (at the very least) your online brochure of information and services. It is what your customer should find first, and what they will instantly judge you on before they have even decided to do business with you. In fact statistics show that it takes visitors no more than 50 milliseconds to form an opinion about you and your company, and if they want to do business with you ... all based on your website, how it looks, and how you portray yourself and your business.

You are a consumer yourself  and you know that before doing business with anyone you want to find out all about them, what their company does, and how they can provide a solution to your current needs, all before deciding whether to part with your hard earned cash; so why should anyone else be any different.

If you only have a social media page to promote your business, or a template website, the chances are that you will be perceived and insignificant and unprofessional.

For a small business just starting out with grand designs of growing or even simply surviving, building trust and credibility is critical to your success.

With any company, you need to show potential customers that you are a business they can trust and that they will want to work with or purchase products from. Whilst it may be easy and quick for you to create a social media page and/or develop a template website for your business, having a good quality professionally designed responsive company website shows you have the confidence and belief to invest in your own business, giving your customers the same confidence and belief in you.

When setting up a company website, there are many things to consider and it is likely that you have never had to do this before.

You will need

  • a good/strong domain name which is easy to spell, easy to remember and relates to your business name
  • website hosting space
  • SEO optimised content
  • legally sourced images etc.

So your first and most important decision is to choose the right web designer and developer who can understand your goals and target audience, and translate these into a good looking/well designed, easy to navigate responsive website.

This will then present your business professionally to your customers and entice them to do business with you, far more than a social media page or template website could ever do.

When creating a company social media page or template website, you are limited to using the same styles as everyone else; you have choices, but not enough to make you stand out, and your pictures and wording might be different, but everyone can spot a template website a mile away!

The phrase "familiarity breeds contempt" springs to mind!

A company website, developed in partnership with professionals that take the time and trouble to understand your business and its goals, gives you the control over how your business is presented to its target audience.

With a professionally developed company website you can add functions such as an interactive online chat area, instant content updates (CMS), special offers, online shops, customised enquiry forms, a detailed search functionality and blogs or articles to show your visitors you're knowledgeable in your industry, but more importantly to create interactivity with your business.

With a good quality professionally designed responsive company website, you're also able to integrate services such as CRM (Customer relationship management), allowing you to keep track of all your leads in one place, retain current customers and nurture new leads. Some CRM systems even notify you of potential prospects based on how many times they're visiting your website, where they're visiting from and when they last visited, allowing you to be more proactive in generating new business and targeting people who are showing a real interest in your company.

Whatever you decide upon there are many options open to you which can form part of your website from day one or be part of an ongoing evolutionary process spreading the cost as your business grows.

While social media websites are great for connecting with your current customers, you are still limited mainly to the audience currently "following" or "liking" your page.

With a company website you have the freedom to target anyone, anywhere in the world and, with careful choice of words and images, create a dialogue that endorses the idea that you know what you are doing as a business.

Where appropriate to your business, you can let your visitors know that you are real people ("about us" pages with detailed information and photographs of you and your team, contact and location information etc.) with real knowledge (FAQs, help guides, support brochures, videos etc.).

... and you don't have to put up will all the trash content and links that may be dumped on your pages by friends and foes alike, and are prevalent in some of the "free" template services!

Your company website is likely to be the most practical and economic platform for providing current and prospective customers with insight into what you are all about as a business - they may still not want to trade with you but, a professionally designed responsive company website which can be viewed easily from any device anywhere anytime, will make it harder to say no.


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