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Workforce Risk Assessment

Through deep domain skills and specialist statistical knowledge, we identify tomorrow's people risks today.

We empower you and help you drive your improvement agenda. We give you facts on which to build cases and make strategic decisions.


Our entry-level product is the Workforce Risk Assessment; a comprehensive diagnostic detailing risks in the way the workforce is currently managed. Complementary offerings include Workforce Data Management as well as Consultancy on how to incept and maintain a workforce risk mitigation and improvements agenda.

The cost effectiveness of the entry-level Workforce Risk Assessment is as compelling as the information is empowering.

  • Employee Effectiveness - empower HR directors to engage executives with evidence for change; increasing employee effectiveness
  • Assisting Managers - managers will understand hot spots and be able to mitigate risk and engage employees
  • Identifying and Managing Key Risks - proactivity has many benefits and provides evidence to COOs and CROs that key risks are known and managed
  • Demonstrate Risk Acknowledgement - proactively show auditors and regulators that you are aware of employee risks and what you are doing about those risks

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